I woke up in the warm early morning light, with a cold nose and a hot breath nuzzling my hair, whispering,

“Marry me?”

Neither Matvey or myself had ever pushed the subject of marriage when it came to our relationship. We saw it as really nothing more than a formality, a couple of signatures on a fancy piece of paper. I blame the chilly morning air and the lingering effects of the previous nights drinking and lovemaking, but Matvey kept whispering cute little ideas and I got swept up in it all to.

Needless to say, my answer was yes.

Weird sort of attempt at NSFW CanKraine??


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So I may have come up with a thing for your Mafia!AU, sorry it’s so long.


Matthew leaned back in his chair and breathed a sigh of relief. He’d finally finished that one last essay; printing it out could wait until morning.

The smallish yellow box sitting on the desk, however, could not. Matthew turned his attention towards it, picking it up and examining it. He’d found it in his mailbox when he got home that afternoon, the only indication of a recipient being an envelope labelled Matvey in ridiculously perfect cursive, and inside was a note only saying “Don’t open it until I tell you to!”.

That alone told him everything he needed to know about who sent it to him. It was her. Katyusha. Beautiful, wealthy, dangerous, and sly Katyusha. He thought he’d hit the jackpot when he’d met her - a drop-dead gorgeous woman who could and would help him out with all the expenses college could throw at him? That sounded great, right?

“Be careful what you wish for”, people say. When you find out the solution to all your problems comes with the local chapter of the Russian Mob, you start to wish you’d listened to those people.

His ringtone jarred him out of his train of thought, and he immediately moved to answer it.“Y’ello?”

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Hetalia couples! #Hetalia #APHCanada #APHUkraine #CanUkr




Sketchy is sketchy.

Based of of this CanUkr fanfic

Cute as fuck oh my lord


I’ve lost count of my CanUkr AUs….

Anyways this Mermaid one is completely and totally dedicated to the wonderful Cookie who’s been helping me out with some really rough times recently. I don’t know what I’d do without her


okay couldn’t stop thinking about teacher/student canukr OTL

Mattie would be all puppy love - loveletters and “teacher you are beautiful”

While Katya is like “No, we can’t u////u but maybe a little - “

Boy, they’d get in trouble if someone found out.

Matthew and Katyusha are highly protective of one another, and anyone who tries to hurt either of them is in for a beatdown.

When it comes right down to it, both Canada and Ukraine can be downright stubborn about their feelings, especially if it’s their independence involved. They can usually work through smaller disagreements fairly well, but that stubbornness can be disastrous whenever they have a more serious fight.

Matthew and Katyusha can both be highly enthusiastic about things, which results in many many trips to hockey arenas, soccer pitches, concerts, and the like.

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